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2010 Οκτώβριος 9
by Editor Group

Now that our collective website has been online for a year and a half and has achieved a decent amount of success and attention in the hellenic atheist community, we decided that the time has come to move beyond the confines and limitations our native language imposes and join the efforts of the greater atheist community.

We have decided to enrich our greek-language website with translated articles by non-Greek bloggers for the benefit of our readership that do not know English and in an effort to facilitate the exchange of ideas. At the same time we will be translating some of our articles back to English (articles that either approach atheism from a distinctly hellenic point of view or expose problems and situations Greek atheists have to deal within our little corner of Europe). We hope that this way we can reach not only foreign readers in general, but more specifically brothers and sisters of the Hellenic Diaspora who cannot speak Greek and other ex-Orthodox from our Balkan neighbourhood and Russia.

But no matter your background, you are more than welcome to browse our contents and leave us your comments (here where available) or on our forum. There is nothing we value more than a healthy exchange of toughts and ideas.

Once again, WELCOME to

October 20th, 2010
The Moderating Team

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