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Οκτ 04

“Elder Pastitsios” Arrest Rekindles Debate on Blasphemy Laws in Greece

 Source: Center for Inquiry The following post comes to us from CFI supporter Simon, who grew up in Greece and has been following a new case of persecution for blasphemy—a case which has been largely ignored by the English-speaking media.   *  *  * 

Οκτ 13

Holy Stupor

Columnist:lil’ greek dude (ελληνάκι)Translation and Adaptation: Geysser This article was written in response to a Church-imposed censorship of a short-film about the history of the Acropolis, made by world-famous Greek director Kostas Gavras, in the summer of 2009, just before the inauguration of the new Acropolis Museum. The uncensored video can be viewed here: (the …

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Οκτ 10

Why “Atheia” ?

«Atheia» is a Greek word which could be rendered into English as «godlessness». When we decided to launch a collective blog with an atheistic content, we sought a title. We concluded that most contributors did not define themselves as atheists, but free-thinkers, skeptics or secularists and viewed atheia as a result of their logical approach …

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Οκτ 09

Welcome to

Now that our collective website has been online for a year and a half and has achieved a decent amount of success and attention in the hellenic atheist community, we decided that the time has come to move beyond the confines and limitations our native language imposes and join the efforts of the greater atheist …

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