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Οκτ 15

Are we free to choose our religious beliefs?

 Columnist:Invisible Ink (Αόρατη Μελάνη) As I read the recent publications and follow conversations in blogs and fora concerning the decision of the European Court for Human Rights to abolish crucifixes from the school rooms of Italy, I reflect on the difficulty of seeing the obvious: that the presence of religious symbols reflects partiality in favor …

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Οκτ 14

Towards a new philosophy

Columnist: AstronAdaptation and Translation: EvanT In naked darkness we travel, in naked endless seas. New untamable lands, new dreamy travels, wonders we never dared imagine, eternal unfulfilled desires wait to be fulfilled. We inhabit an enormous galaxy consisting of at least 200 billion stars. Nearly since the dawn of time, for 14 billions years, it …

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Οκτ 13

Holy Stupor

Columnist:lil’ greek dude (ελληνάκι)Translation and Adaptation: Geysser This article was written in response to a Church-imposed censorship of a short-film about the history of the Acropolis, made by world-famous Greek director Kostas Gavras, in the summer of 2009, just before the inauguration of the new Acropolis Museum. The uncensored video can be viewed here: (the …

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Οκτ 12

Paul’s “Unknown God”

Columnist: Kostas (Κώστας)Adaptation and Translation: EvanT Mars Hill (Άρειος Πάγος), Athens: a copper memorial plaque containing the New Testament passage about the "Unknown God". "22 Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars’ hill, and said, [Ye] men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious. 23 or as I passed …

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Οκτ 11

The “Holy Light” of Jerusalem debunked

Columnist: Kostas (Κώστας)Adaptation and Translation: EvanT ● Introduction ▪ An Overview of the "miracle" ▪ Important Notes ● The Patriarch’s Prayer ▪ The "secret prayer" myth ▪ An astonishing confession ▪ Rev. Metallenos’ opinion ▪ Reading the prayer ▪ The Christian Apologetics ● Other assorted myths ▪ The body search and the Sleepless Lantern ▪ …

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