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Νοέ 28

So why an atheist?

 Columnist:Cafeeine It is a common point on online discussions about atheism to focus on the meaning of the word itself. Atheism, as used by many atheists and the definition that I use when I say I’m an atheist is ‘lacking a belief in the existence of a god or gods’, but this is not a …

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Νοέ 06

Thoughts on christian non-answers…

 Columnist:Darkchilde In a greek forum I have many times argued with a fundamentalist greek orthodox. Whatever I ask, he avoids to answer, and he always brings forth the following arguments, to which I am presenting my own thoughts: You do not know anything about the orthodox christian faith: I have been born and raised in …

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Νοέ 05

Divine Creation (reductio ad absurdum)

 Columnist:EvanT Before I admitted even to myself that I was an atheist, while I was still struggling with my faith, I was always troubled by the very first chapter of the Bible; God creating the World. Does this even make sense? Why would a God want to create a material World? The more I delved …

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Οκτ 17

Religion and Free Expression II

 Columnist:Darkchilde A few days ago I had written the first part of this post. But there are new developments which happened just today, and I am really angry and sad at the same time. But let me first explain what happened. About 3 months ago, my niece’s teacher gave them various small projects to do. …

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Οκτ 16

Religion and Free Expression

 Columnist:Darkchilde This article is a response to an event that happened to my 9 year old niece, who is attending a school in Athens Greece. Unfortunately, schools in Greece are not secular, and neither is the state secular. We still have a Ministry of Education and Religion, the constitution says that this is a christian …

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