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12010.10.09Collective PostWelcome to  
22010.10.10Collective PostWhy "Atheia" ?  
32010.10.11KostasThe “Holy Light” of Jerusalem debunked   extlink
42010.10.12KostasPaul’s “Unknown God”   extlink
52010.10.13lil' greek dudeHoly Stupor   extlink
62010.10.14AstronTowards a new philosophy   extlink
72010.10.15Invisible InkAre we free to choose our religious beliefs?   extlink
82010.10.16DarkchildeReligion and Free Expression   extlink
92010.10.17DarkchildeReligion and Free Expression II  extlink
102010.11.04EvanTDivine Creation (reductio ad absurdum)  extlink
112010.11.06DarkchildeThoughts on christian non-answers...  extlink
122010.11.28CafeeineSo why an atheist?  extlink
132012.10.04Center for Inquiry'Elder Pastitsios' Arrest Rekindles Debate on Blasphemy Laws in Greece   extlink