What this blog is all about

Just like its greek counterpart, this is a collective blog where articles from all over the Greek Blogosphere on atheism are selected and posted. The articles reflect the thoughts and opinions of their respective writers. They do not express the opinion of all the members of this blog, nor are they to be taken as a collective approach on a subject.

One of the reason we selected the title "Atheia" was because it defines what we like to write about on this website, not necessarily what we are. One doesn’t need to call oneself an atheist to be able to contribute an article with atheistic content.

The purpose of this blog is to spread ideas on subjects concerning atheism, not only on a theoretical, but a practical level as well. We are interested in anything from government secularization to the philosophical dimensions of theological issues, from an atheistic, skeptical, free-thought or agnostic point of view. We desire that these ideas are accessible and made known to as many people as possible.

If you want to contribute

If you want to take part in our efforts or just send us a word of support you can send us an e-mail at inquiries at atheia dot gr.

If you’re interested in contributing an article, (and you don’t have to be Greek or even speak Greek to do so) you should send us a letter at articles at atheia dot gr (alternatively use the contact form in the sidebar). It is preferred that you have access to a blog where your article will be originally published and can be commented upon in English. This also serves as a means for us to see other samples of your writing and assures us that you have an established internet identity.

If you do not have access to a blog, you can still submit your article and if one of our team members finds the article to his liking, he will post it on his own blog, so it can be reposted here and commented there. Bear in mind that all article submissions are evaluated by all our team members (currently around 50) and the decision is finalized by a majority vote. If your article ends up being rejected, the reasons will be provided, along with suggestions for its editing.

Furthermore, if you are planning to submit an article in English for evaluation and you happen to be fluent in Greek, feel free to offer to translate the article in Greek yourself (after it has been accepted for posting), so it can be posted on both blogs at once.

Our commenting policy

As a rule, for practical reasons we do not allow comments to be posted here. The only exception to our no-comments policy will be for collective articles (like this one, for instance). On the rare articles where comments will be allowed, comments should be posted EXCLUSIVELY in English and should conform to the standard internet etiquette (e.g. no trolling, flaming, name-calling, racist attacks etc.) Comments written in ANY other language (including Greek) will be summarily deleted, no questions asked.

Comments on other blogs will be sujected to the moderating style of their respective owners, as is to be expected, and we won’t be held accountable for that. If a comment gets deleted there, don’t whine to us about it.

Link to us

If you want to place a link somewhere either to this blog or the Greek Atheists Forum, you can use the following banner. Just copy the source code in the grey box next to the image and paste it on your website.

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